zondag 27 september 2015


On some android versions without a hardware settings button, the settings menu was unreachable so i added a action bar with the settings as action item and the rest of the menu items in the overflow menu.
If you have the location on automatic, there is a line in the settings menu that shows the last calculated position.
On the moon widget you could choose to show the transit time, but it was never shown.
On the info screen i have added a close button so you can close the screen instead of using the back button.
On some phones the sun-moon widget would take 3 by 2 cells instead of 2 by 1
And last but not least, by accidentally including too much of the google play library i needed 4 extra permissions (that i didn't even use)

zondag 1 maart 2015


It's been a while again, but released 1.18 today. The mayor improvements are on the moon widget. Each moon widget has its own settings for background transparency, shadow transparency and the text items to show on each corner. Those settings can be recalled again when you touch the left 3rd of the widget, the right 2/3rd shows the main app.
You can now for instance add a moon widget without any text. You can also resize the moon widget. It might be possible that the moon image is not directly updated on some phones and the image looks fuzzy. When the widget is redrawn after a while, the image must be correct again.
Scaling of the main and calendar screen has also been updated and fits better on larger screens.