Lunafaqt is an Android app to render the moon on any specific date and or location. It also calculates the rise and set times for the sun and moon, twilight times, time and date for the next moon phase.

  • Draws the current phase of the moon with parallactic angle
  • Swipe left/right to increase/decrease the date by a day
  • Two homescreen widgets with moon image and rise/set times
  • Location based on GPS or manual coordinates
  • Coordinate lookup by address, city name, postal code or landmark
  • Adjustable date and time
  • Sun rise, set and twilight times for the given location
  • Moon rise, set and transit times for the given location
  • Percentage of the moon's visible disk illuminated
  • Current moon altitude and azimuth in degrees
  • Moon age and distance to Earth
  • Current zodiac sign the moon is in
  • Date and times of the next major phases
  • Lunar calendar wich shows the phases for one month with indications of the major phases, swipe left/right to change the month
  • Supports installation to SD card (Note: if installed to SD card, the widgets won't work! This is not a bug but an Android issue. See:
  • Language support for English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish